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The H-D Addiction

The H-D Addiction

Written by: Mitch Peter

During the course of time we; humanity invented the wheel, and thank God we did. Life without the wheel would be mundane and would limit us with slower progression through the ages. Oh and there would be lots of sore feet. But, thankfully someone, somewhere came up with a device that…rolled! And with that the wheel brought us to a place in time in which motorcycles began to roam the earth. Season after season motorcycles got bigger, and faster, and for lack of a better word; cooler! Today motorcycles can be found in almost every corner of the globe. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, creeds, and brands. On the North side of Milwaukee in 1903 Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson got together and birthed one of the most iconic motorcycle companies to be known around the world. 

Thanks to Harley Davidson, motorcycles began to adapt to their environments. They were used as classy commuters for the working man, and later as war machines in World War I. They with stood the strenuous times of the great depression. Before their second tour overseas, helping American service men and women end the spread of tyranny in Europe during World War II.  I like to think that with the help of motorcycles peace was achieved across many war torn countries. As well as inner peace for many service men that found themselves addicted to the Harley Davidson lifestyle after the war.  

Today motorcycles or more specifically Harley Davidson are known to have a cult following. As an individual who owns a Harley, and had been lucky enough to work for Harley Davidson I can tell you that this true! Riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle makes you a member or this closed nit, misfit, and loud yet honorable family. You own freedom and peace when your kick stand leaves the ground. The vibration of the engine and the twist of the throttle keeps you routed in the now, and that is an experience worth buying. If you don’t believe me come find out for yourself. Roll on through the Twin Cities Harley Davidson in Lakeville and see what Harley Davidsons motorcycles have evolved in to, it might just take your breath away. 

My name is Mitch Peter and I am one of the lucky folks who has the privilege of working for America’s most iconic motorcycle brand. Hopefully you found the above blog interesting, and maybe you learned something. I will continue to write and share snippets of stories, history, tips and information pertaining to anything and everything Harley Davidson related on a weekly bases. Feel free come into our dealership; Twin Cities Harley Davidson in Lakeville and say hi, kick some tires and shoot the shit. So until next time, keep both tires on the ground and don’t forget two fingers down!

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